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Default Re: I failed so hard

Originally Posted by Remix
I remember I went to Homecoming my Sophomore year with some friends, but it was really really lame. My brother, friend, and I went back to my house after about an hour to set up for the party we were having afterwards. So while everyone else was "crankin dat soulja boy" we were already drinking. Most people showed up before the dance ended and the party was awesome.

Didnt go to any dances Junior year.

Homecoming senior year was ok, pretty boring. By the time of Prom I had a girlfriend, so I had to go. It was pretty fun, mainly because I liked the girl. All the pictures and walk through crap was pretty annoying. Her parents were forcing her to go to afterprom, even though my parents didn't really care what I did. Most of my friends were going to this party, but I got dragged to afterprom, which was pretty boring.

Basically what rip said, there isn't usually anything else to do. And I highly doubt there were actual lapdances, probably just some grinding. (which is cool if you like awkward boners)

EDIT: Actually I remember Homecoming senior year I had a girlfriend from a different school. She never tried to talk to any of my friends or get to know any of their gf's, which made it awkward. She insisted that we left early, so we did. Went back to my house, watched movies, smashed.
this is what I meant. Even if it sucked, at least you've been there so you can say it sucked, instead of missing out.

Originally Posted by BuGzBuNNy
You said this like 30 times But yea, I agree

my bad, i did repeat it a few times
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