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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Haters like you will twist anything around into a negative. That's what haters do. If he had stayed in palo alto and trained non-stop, haters like you would have claimed he was a recluse and was ignoring his int'l fans, implying he's arrogant and aloof.

The problem is your hatred and jealousy of someone who is successful on a scale you can't even fathom. Yet you attach yourself to him like a leech, criticizing him to get some attention you can't get from anything you've achieved yourself, since you have no talent and have achieved nothing.

Originally Posted by niko
When was he? Before summer when he wasn't healthy enough? After the two day camp with the Knicks teammates where he left to go to the ESPY's instead of the Select Team like he was supposed to? His tour of Taiwan which was covered pillar to post where he visited different places every day? When he came back and said his knee isn't healthy enough? (It's funny, i bitched he ditched the Olympic team and was planning a trip to Taiwan, little did i know he wasn't our problem anyway.)

I'm sure Lin worked on his game, but he spent a lot of time brand building this offseason. I'm curious how this would have played in NY, because the rumbling from the Rocket fans is doubt about Lin's work ethic and toughness. Which is about 180 from what you'd expect, even if it's small rumblings.
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