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Default Re: NBA No Longer Interested In European Expansion

Originally Posted by ukballer
Even as a European myself, I'm glad to hear this. Call me old fashioned, but I don't want to see the NBA 'tampered' with. It's a successful formula, and I just feel the expansion is unnecessary. I don't think it would make hardcore Euro Basketball fans suddenly love the NBA either. Hell, they'd probably have more disdain for it for potentially breaking up some Euro teams. While it would be a big change for the NBA, not many people seem to acknowledge the ramifications it would have on the European leagues.

Something I'd be much more interested in is seeing NBA regular season games played over in Europe. Especially in London. NFL are doing it, Wembley stadium will be hosting a few games over the next few years. The O2 Arena in London is an NBA ready venue and has already hosted a lot of pre-season games.

Not that I'm biased.

The NBA could never ever compete with the big European clubs on their own market. Get serious. Stern is a freaking retard and his economics and marketing people finally told him to stop it.

He was talking about having all of these European teams in cities that already have HUGE connection to their OWN clubs. Anyone that thinks this could have ever worked for the NBA is a dumb ass of historic proportions.

The idea that the D-League would do well in's beyond even ludicrous.
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