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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Lets not get silly with facts. Kareem has more rings than Magic. Fact. Also, to the post regarding longevity, Magic had to retire early. HIV. Yeah, we got got by Jordans Bulls, but we still made it to the Finals! And Magic had gotten to the point in his career where he was elevating his low post game to new untapped levels and becoming more of a strong forward. Dont tell me he didnt have at least 4 more seasons left in him to contend for a title. If that HIV bug didnt strike, who knows? Man might have got 6 or 7... Yes, it would be tough without Kareem, but lets not forget, we got to the Finals in '89 when old battle tested warrior Kareems slow ass could barely even move up the court anymore. Has there ever been a more exciting basketball player to watch on the court besides Magic? What he did for the sport cant be put into words... Thered be no Stapes Center Lake Show if it wasnt for Magic and Showtime at The Great Western Forum. He is a pioneer. Maybe when Kobe Beans career is all said and done, he might have acomplished more in terms of scoring titles and rings, but for being a pioneer and face of a legacy in sports history, he cant equal Magic Johnson.

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