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Originally Posted by Rake2204
I can't say our court is always peaceful but for the most part, it seems we play similar to you. There's definitely some times where a player makes a questionable call and there's definitely times where an opponent will object to that call, but we almost always respect it and check up. As you said, one of the few objections occurs when a player repeatedly makes just absolutely terrible calls to mask his own mistakes. At that point, he's likely getting called out. But those moments are quite rare.

I believe no matter how the foul system's set up, it'll be reliant upon honor and a certain degree of truth to succeed. Just as offensive players can take advantage by making bogus calls, if the onus to call fouls is on the defender, they could just as well take advantage by committing clear playground fouls and refusing to call them.

I think most of the time, arguing is likely going to pop up in a pickup game one way or another. Considering basketball players make a habit out of arguing with real, actual, certified referees, it's not terribly surprising to imagine they're not going to agree with a fellow player making the call at times.

Yep, I'd venture to say most pick-up ball will help any given player learn to play better through contact. Even the ticky-tack foul guys often have to find a way to assimilate themselves into the system and pull the reins on their quick trigger foul calling a little bit.

I agree. I also think that calling fouls in some cases is important because some players do not even realize that they're constantly comitting fouls. So at times it's important to make them aware of the fact that they do something illegal. Same is true for travelling etc. Of course that only makes sense for players that play frequently. If I realize that somebody doesn't know much about basketball and doesn't play very often, then I let them get away with a travel or a foul. But if somebody acts like a serious baller then he should know when he does something wrong.
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