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Default Re: That stupid b!tch went through my phone while I was sleeping.

Originally Posted by Hittin_Shots
So what was the major dirt?

A text to an old girl I saw briefly saying we should meet up for drinks...

Did I ever meet up with her? NO.

She thinks I was talking to my ex girlfriend,
but it wasn't even her.

I'm sure in her mind... I went to go have drinks with
her that night and had sex afterward...

I haven't even kissed or F*cked another chick since I
first hooked up with her... and that was in early August.
I HAVEN'T F*CKING CHEATED and yet this woman is convinced I'm lying

What is wrong with B*tches these days? NO trust whatsoever.
I guess they've all been f*cked over so many times in the past
that it makes it impossible for them to believe anything a guy says.

And with all that said: I got her to agree that we were NOT in a
serious relationship... but it had potential to end up that way.
SO I should be in the clear of any wrongdoing regardless.

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