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Default How to proceed with a CPU'd team?

My draft ended up terribly because I accidentally missed it.

Here's what the CPU drafted for me:

6 Kevin Love*, Min PF
27 Paul Millsap, Uta PF
38 Derrick Rose*, Chi PG
59 Kyle Lowry, Tor PG
70 Ricky Rubio*, Min PG
91 Jose Calderon, Tor PG
102 Ramon Sessions, Cha PG
123 Jordan Crawford, Wsh SG
134 Channing Frye*, Pho PF
155 Brandon Rush, GS SG
166 Nate Robinson, Chi PG
187 Kevin Seraphin, Wsh C
198 Anthony Randolph, Den PF

Normally might not be too bad of a team, except for the fact that DERRICK ROSE, RICKY RUBIO, KEVIN LOVE, and Channing Frye are all out for at minimum the beginning of the season. Furthermore, it's probably bad that my best position is arguably point guard, even without Derrick Rose or Ricky Rubio.

I don't think I can just trade Ricky, Kevin, or Derrick, as their values are much lower right now then when they'll actually playing, and I also don't really want to keep them all until December or January to wait for them to come back, so what should I do?

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