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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Maybe he could have done better, but what was attractive on the team to trade?

I'm hoping my guy wasn't serious mentioning Jamison.
Do me a favor...Go look up Jamisons stats then re-evaluate that statement. He dropped 17 a game and grabbed 6 boards.

Sorry dude. No way you can convince me our last resort was having the oldest team ever assembled. You mock Jamison but Rasheed Wallace, who was fat and sitting on his couch last year, is ok? 17 and 6 is unacceptable, but Jason Kidds 5 and 6 is worth almost three times that? Cmon man. Leandro Barbosa JUST got signed by Boston. The dont have high priced players. They got him for the vet min.

If everytime Grunwald does something dumb, the excuse is gonna be Amare and Melo make too much money n scare free agents away, why is he our GM? What does he get paid for? And HE was the one that signed Chandler. Not Walsh. Thats a huge salary in itself.
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