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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Every player you ripped is still better than the guys on our bench.

If you wanna drink the koolaid that giving Jason Kidd 3 million dollars for the production of a vet min be it. If you wanna believe that Rasheed Wallace was our only option so be it. If you wanna believe getting a 35 yr old point rookie who was a backup overseas is our best solution for our backup pg woes, be my guest. I fancy you smarter than that tho n I think you know better.

Btw...Jason Kidd shot 36% last year.

Bottom line is, Grunwald AND our scouting dept did a lazy job. From our draft pick, to our acquisitions to our summer league to our roster invites. Point Blank!

Btw, I gave Grunwald props for the Brewer signing AND tricking JR into resigning. I repeatedly have supported those moves. Moves like that I support. Signing guys based on name... I do NOT.

As for Chandler, you already kno I could care less about that award and I dont think he deserved it. I know what I saw on the court, especially come playoff time. It wasnt the defensive guru everyone anointed him. I saw a guy tapping the ball instead of grabbing boards, picking up dumb fouls and technicals, horrendous from the foul line and a guy who is completely inept offensively. He isnt a bum, but if anyone "isnt worth their salary" its him...not Melo. But I dont wanna go back n forth about Tyson. We both know how each other feels about him.

Our bench is suspect. We need help.
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