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Default Re: Homgren Out as Browns sale official

Originally Posted by GOBB
Coming from an Eagles fan who experience the dog years? He turned this franchise from a joke into a contender. One that dominated the NFC East over the long run. SB trophies aside, he is the guy you want reviving this franchise. He will put in other pieces to make it fit. To steal your line, rest assured the Browns will no longer be the brown bag over head joke outsider fanbases see them as. Banner isnt a selfish, power hungry, egotistical prick. He knows football but most importantly knows how to put together a organization that is all on the same page and thats winning football. He also is great at managing the cap. One of the best in the league imo. If you look at teams that have done a good job at this? Eagles are one and he is a huge reason. In todays football its key imo to being successful more than 1, 2 years but a consistent year in and year out approach.

Not to make him into some GOD sent gift, but I just love the move. Its a serious one by the owner. Hope it works out. I'd really like to see Trich excel and be apart of a winner.
Wow... Quite an endorsement. It seems sort of funny since we were 0-5 heading into the weekend, but I do feel like Holmgren/Heckert got things headed in the right direction. We have the youngest team in the entire league and there have been obvious major strides offensively this year... And that is with a rookie QB, rookie RB and our best WR is a rookie.

The defense has been decimated by suspensions/injuries this year, but I still think -- when healthy and playing -- this is still a potential Top 10 defense in the league. People forget how huge of a loss Phil Taylor was in the offseason. He, Sheard, D'Qwell and Haden were the four biggest reason for the defensive success last year. Three of those four players have missed time this year and one hasn't played at all.

If Banner is as good as I've heard, he has quite a bit to start with. I haven't felt as positive about this organization in a long time and it's sort of funny at 1-5. The pieces are beginning to come together though.

Originally Posted by bisk
Before we know it, we got cheerleaders, new uniforms, a roof, etc...

Cheerleaders I don't mind, though pretty useless at an NFL game. A roof and new uniforms? Totally against both.

I understand the opportunities having a roof can bring to the stadium. It can be used all-year round for various events, can host the Super Bowl, etc. But, to me, a game in Cleveland needs to be outside... Much like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, etc.

I've also attended games in domes and I think they are pretty lame. It doesn't "feel" like a football game. I don't know... Difficult to describe, but I'm not a fan.
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