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Default Re: I shaved my ass and got it waxed. Its ripe for kissing as the Sixers season will OWN

Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
chuckoakley, now that I think about it philly might finish fourth after Brooklyn but that's a toss up for me. Celts and NYK are def one and two in the division.

Poor Toronto

How are NYK over Sixers???? Your team struggled to get over them last season. What improvements were made because you lost golden boy Jeremy Lin. What? His impact was overrated huh? Kidd/Felton replaces Lin now huh? Shumpert healthy? Doh. Like come on you NYK clowns kill me. Joke of a franchise. Cant wait.

Only team I give respect too is Boston. Miami goes without question. BKN? NYK? Indy? FOH, and thats short for f*ck outta here.
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