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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by Dwade305
Cheeze is so bad in this game compared to 2k12. Durant makes so many contested jumpshots, Wade is a killer from 3 point land, idk wtf 2k did, they had it perfect in 2k12. Over 20 games played everyone picks the Heat, OKC or the Warriors, and Curry, Wade, Durant go for 40, or close to it. Unstoppable cheeze is back, not like in 2k12 where there was a counter for everything. Yea, you can still double team the star player the whole game and hope the [player doesnt find the open man, or just shoot over both and still make it.

Also playing vs a zone is so tough now. Since the players are relatively slower, is hard to even penetrate and try to make something happen. You have to cheeze it out on the perimeter.

More cheese in 2k13? 2k12 may as well have been called 2kcheese. They fixed a lot of the problems with the cheese in this game although it of course is still there. And it's not that hard for players like Curry, Wade and Durant to score 40, since they are great offensive players.
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