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Default Re: LeBron practicing the "Sky Hook" (Video)

Originally Posted by jongib369
9 years in the league and NOW he's working on it?

He plays in a face-up league, where he's played PG for most of his career. He started making a concerted effort last season to get to the post, so developing a hook makes sense. As good as LeBron already is, it's actually scary to think how good he could be if learns to play off-the-ball, and dominate from the post.

Also, post play / hook shots aren't really the bread and butter in this league anymore. With the new rules, it's about beating your man off the dribble, getting to the hoop, and getting fouled. You're not going to get to the FT line throwing up hooks from the post all game, so you better be hitting them at a high clip.
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