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Default Re: Boston Celtics: How good can they really be?

Originally Posted by swi7ch
When your best players are considered grandfathers in the basketball world, you aren't going anywhere.
Way to go, champ. See you in playoffs...

I think they could go as far as the coaching can bring them... You obviously have to rest some guys, and get the playing time for youngsters to develop. But this is everlasting problem between winning basketball games and teaching players how to play it (quoting Tommy). I think Celtics could be well off with multiple starting lineups, and competitive setting in the roster. Some guys seem to have the character and discipline to pull it off, for example Sullinger gives an impression of dedicated and intelligent player. So this, and you take for granted that veterans would be ready when they're called. In this way regular season would pan off as projected... Playoffs would be a story of starters dictating the game and everybody stepping up. I hope.
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