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Default Re: Private torrent sites

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
No clue. It just says...

"The invite system is closed down until further notice."

I've gotten people on the site before. I think Meticode and maybe a couple of others.
They've closed invites since June I think. No idea how long it will remain like that for. If it ever opens up get at me. Whenever I get any more what.CD invites I'll hook you up if you want.

Originally Posted by irondarts
Does anyone have a invite? I was on there for a long time but lost my account due to inactivity (Lost my PW). My ratio was always over 2. If anyone has an invite I would greatly appreciate it, will even paypal 5 bucks. PM me if you do.

Don't have anymore invites at the moment, but when I do I'll get at you. You could also try the interview method to get in.
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