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Default Re: UK is going to be scary in 2013-2014

Originally Posted by kNicKz
People act like this dude is a master recruiter when in reality he just sends the players money Camby? 1996 Umass Season? 2008 Memphis season? That is why hes never on a team for more than a few years, he just a scumbag that roams around so nothing can stick, he'll be coaching for another school in a few years. He was garbage in the NBA because he couldn't bribe teenagers by paying for their groceries and sending them Jordans. I can't deny his success but acting like what he's doing is a feat in coaching is a ****ing joke

Cal is a master recruiter. Year in and year out he gets the top talent in the nation to come play for him.

Not only that, but he seems to be great a great team "manager" too. He keeps all these stars happy with their playing time and amount of touches they get on the court, all the while making Elite 8's, Final Fours, NC games, and winning the NC with more freshman starters than most other teams in college basketball.

I'm not a UK fan. I cheered hard for KU this year against UK. I rooted for KU against Memphis in the '08 NC game. But don't tell me Cal can't recruit. He's a superlative recruiter, unequivocally the greatest the game has seen so far.
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