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Originally Posted by Burgz V2
the pick up runs i play at has a no and1 rule, people call foul way less if they think they are going to make the shot with that rule

in general if i get hit on the arm or hand and im not in ashooting motion, i dont call foul. usually only call it when its obvious
I've played in areas that had that rule too and I've never personally been a fan. I figure if fouls are going to be part of a pick-up game, then so should And1's. Without the And1, calling fouls just becomes one big game of chance. It's almost like, why would I ever call a foul while I'm shooting if it's just going to nullify anything I might be able to pull off through the contact? And if I don't ever call fouls, why wouldn't the defense just hammer away?

I suppose my biggest issue with not having And1's is the lack of reward for an offensive player in comparison to a lack of reason for the defense to not blast an offensive player anytime they step into the paint. There's been times where I've slashed to the rack, been absolutely pummeled, and still somehow managed to finish the shot, only I called a foul mid-shot because... well... I call fouls when they happen... and thus the basket I've rightfully earned is wiped off the board.

And sure, the solution to such a dilemma always seems to be, "Well then don't call a foul." And again, in that case, the game often eventually degenerates into one of us driving, taking a hit (a clear foul, even in streetball), then some people stopping because they're assuming a foul's going to be called, but it's not, but then some people are still playing while some aren't, and people get confused, then we check the ball up anyway.

I think like any other part of the playground fouling system, And1's work best when players are honorable. If someone's just calling fouls all the time, whether we have And1's or not, it's going to be a problem. But if someone is just out there playing ball and they drive against me, and I clearly foul them, they call it, and they still finish? I give them my respect, I count the bucket, and we head the other way. It just seems counter-intuitive to punish a player for calling a foul when he feels it and is still able to finish regardless. Players should be rewarded for such plays in my opinion.

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