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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Wow, reading that huge ass thread... that's ****ing sad. I can't believe the whole embargo/blacklisting stuff... so petty. Feel bad for Jessica, she's not perfect but she didn't deserve that

Jessica is a ****ing liar and has proved this time and time again. Her PR skills are awful and she has proven to be a total bitch on countless occasions. While I'm sure lots of what she said has truth to it, lots of it is assuredly bullshit. I'm quite sure all of this drama is a huge reason that Boxer left slayers.

MMA to EG, wow never thought that would be possible.. EG is my fav foreign team so I wouldn't mind haha. Can EG become what Slayers was for terran players and develop a terran mastermind group? PuMa, MMA, Thorzain, Demuslim. Great terran core

He still may go to axiom, you never know. But yeah, that's a decent group of terrans. Puma hasn't been too great this year and demuslim still has never broken out at a live event, but yeah, good core nonetheless. If EG got rid of Lzgamer and machine (i know they'll never get rid of incontrol) and made room for players who actually are skilled i think they could be contending for best team non-korean.

MMA and Crank are speaking to Ethan Ahn, a big name for thisisgame (huge korean esports site) late tonight and apparently will be saying a lot. Really interested to see what goes on there.

This is a complete shitfest and I just hope the dust settles. I want these players to find a new home.

Boxer being named head coach for SKT1 is pretty cool and I wonder if we'll see any of the slayers players pop onto skt1 because as far as i know they can...
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