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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Gotta pick 2 of Ridley, CJ2K and Spiller. Thinking Ridley and CJ, but not sure how Spiller will go with sharing carries. Any thoughts?

nice week for all three tbh. i like ridley and CJ. that buffalo run defense has been fantasy gold and i think they can work CJ in the passing game with hasselbeck at QB. buffalo is dead last in rush defense which is astonishing given how much they spent in the offseason. if you have a pulse, you should put up respectable #s vs. that D.

i know CJ's been pretty boom or bust but he's had two nice weeks and is fresh off of one. if he doesn't dance or shy away from contact like he did last week, he's in for a big day. it's close between him and spiller so there's that...wouldn't be surprised either way. spiller has been impressive in slipping tackles but he has to contend with f jax.

i lean towards CJ for two mains reasons: the 'defense' of buffalo and the fact he doesn't have to deal with f jax. even with his o-line problems, those two things are really favorable to overcome that.

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