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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by stevieming
Thing about Jeremy he is very up and down in terms of his production. When he sucks, he's really bad, but when he's good, he's like the next Asian Jordan!(considering there are no other oriental guards that are starters in the NBA, I can be excused for that comparison)

Niko is right about one thing, he seems to have to generate the offense every time.

One other thing, I wish he didn't tell the whole league that he is still recovering from that knee op, and his speed, explosion are all lacking...

yeah I know it's to ease the pressure on himself in some ways, but the thing is I am convinced every PG in the league will want to carve him up because of the media attention and that contract he's got. And the fact that he owned up to his knee isn't 100%, they're going to go at him harder.

Unless it's a bluff like in tennis, where Novak pretends he's injured and then starts running like a jack rabbit as quoted by the great Roger Federer.

I said this when he was on the Knicks too, he's going to have to learn to play sometimes where he sets up the offense for a post up guy, etc. and backs off. It will enable him to do less and save his body and it will give the team more upside. Even at his best he's not good to a level you want him with the ball in his hand every moment, he's not Lebron. His fans take this as a huge insult.
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