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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
I would take a pg with lesser numbers that fit a role that could be conducive to winning a championship. I do think there are over 20 pgs better than Lin. Especially whether you consider there ability to git into team concepts.

I'd take Mario Chalmers and Eric Bledsoe over lin easily.

That's where you and me differ. I take the PG who I think is better skilled every single time. The better skilled PG could probably adjust his game to gel into a championship team better than a lesser skilled PG can. There is no evidence that Lin wouldn't be able to adjust his game. He played pretty well with both Amare and Carmelo under Woodson.

The argument you bring is situational, not of one that has bearing on who is the better point guard. Mario Chalmers excelled in a 4th or 5th banana role, and Bledsoe may be a decent energy guy off the bench, but would you take them to run your team? Would you take them over guys like Lowry, Lawson, or Rubio, who understand how to run a team, but probably wouldn't play as well as in a non-starter role, or a non-ball handling role?

Maybe I can understand Chalmers over Lin, especially since he excelled in his (limited) role. But I don't see how anyone can argue for a guy like Bledsoe. To me, that's just being a hater. What has Bledsoe done to show he is "easily" better than Lin?
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