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Default Re: i hate being called jeremy lin everytime i come out to the courts

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
last summer, i was hoopin alot. one thing that annoyed me was everytime i came out to the courts people would call me jeremy lin and thought it was so hilarious. i mean i heard it about 50 times before no lie so it became very annoying. Just because im asian its funny to call me jeremy lin? think about it like this, if your black and i call you lebron james is that suppose to be funny?

so some advice for you ish hoopers, if you see an asian kid on the court and you make a jeremy lin joke, you look really salty to him because its barely funny and hes heard it 100 times before.

what players have you been called before while playing basketball? ive been called yao, kobe, rose, artest, even manny pacquiao

i aint going to lie.

i dont hoop like that around here.

I just try to shoot around and 5 niggaz would come out of nowhere and be like "aight let go! 3 on 3! who got first?"

one of my homies showed me this place at Brookfield that i go to.

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