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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
I don't thin Lin is a particularly smart pg. He would not thrive playing with LeBron. He would serve no purpose on that team.

he doesn't have the skills to play off those guys.

It doesn't take a great PG to play off of LeBron and Wade. Chris Quinn could play off of LBJ and Wade.

And I would have to disagree with your assertion of Lin not being a smart PG. How are you defining smart in this case? The ability to make good decisions with the basketball?

I actually think Lin is smarter than most PG's with the basketball with the exception of guys like Nash, Kidd, CP3, Rondo.. the obvious elite guys. But I'd say Lin is a smarter distributor than Westbrook. The difference is Lin doesn't excel athletically, so he can't always get to where he needs to be in order to make a play.

Lin's instinct is usually to beat his man off the pick and roll, or off the dribble and draw in a big defender so that he can dump it off to his own center or power forward. He runs into problems when he plays athletic defenses that are able to shut him down because he's not quick enough and can't jump high enough to force the defense to commit.
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