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Default Re: The Lingend is over

It doesn't take a great PG to play off of LeBron and Wade. Chris Quinn could play off of LBJ and Wade.

I don't watch much of Chris Quinn but I remember him being a shooter. Apples and Oranges. Regardless, I wouldn't want him starting either.

And I would have to disagree with your assertion of Lin not being a smart PG. How are you defining smart in this case? The ability to make good decisions with the basketball?

ability to run a basketball and fit into the teams gameplan to optimize the talent available. Lin can only run one type of offense. When he doesn't he struggles and you hear "they are misusing him etc."

I actually think Lin is smarter than most PG's with the basketball with the exception of guys like Nash, Kidd, CP3, Rondo.. the obvious elite guys. But I'd say Lin is a smarter distributor than Westbrook. The difference is Lin doesn't excel athletically, so he can't always get to where he needs to be in order to make a play.
Lin's instinct is usually to beat his man off the pick and roll, or off the dribble and draw in a big defender so that he can dump it off to his own center or power forward. He runs into problems when he plays athletic defenses that are able to shut him down because he's not quick enough and can't jump high enough to force the defense to commit.[/quote]

you don't have to be a smart pg to be smarter than Westbrook. However, I can name 40 pgs smarter than Jermey Lin. At best he is average. He doesn't manage games, he doesn't know when to get certain players the ball and how to put them in the best spots to succeed. He simply runs his pick and roll to the best of his ability. Being a point guard is about much more than that. And it isn't just those guys you mentioned. He reminds me of Ramon Sessions because they have the same exact strengths and weaknesses. This can be seen especially here.

As far as when Lin runs into trouble. It has nothing to do with athletes. It has to do with disciplined defenses that stick to their principals. Lin often jumps into the air pass or recklessly drives into situations hoping for something good to happen. When the defenses are sound these situations produce turnovers for most players.
As far as Lin's athletism. I would actually rank him well above average in the category. He is one of the most athletic pgs in the entire league. This is what bothers me the most. Don't underrate his athleticism and than overrate his intelligence.

It has nothing to do with not being fast enough or jumping high enough in the pick and roll. Andre Miller, Mark Jackson, Rick Rubio, old Nash all run that play against all types of athletes. It has to do with decision making and fundamentally sound play. That is where Lin lacks. He is reckless and a poor game manager. These are not traits you want in a starting pg. If you have to deal with them then he better be at top player in the league.
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