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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

we gave up so many boards and were out of position most of the game with pointless swtiches...

tyson (3 boards) wtf

i felt like everyone was so focused on amare on offense, that we lost tyson to just standing around.

play of the game..: melo pass to amare on post, both barrel into the lane side by side..was priceless

melo was unstoppable down low, but bricking it from deep...should have stopped taking so many off balance 3's on one foot.

amare was beasting it with prigs and kidd on the 2nd unit...i believe amare should start the game but then sit around the 8 minute point and come back when melo sits and play mostly on the 2nd unit

We really showed our age today when no one was running back, didnt have any fastbreak points

Melo really stopped the ball alot more in this game when he catches it, and everyone stops moving and then he decides on half of those positions to start up the ball movement again with the clock running down

wonder how brewer will look in the starting 5...white seems to dwindle when playing with anthony but stepped it up when he went to the bench. to play with anthony, we need a 2 guard who can also not be afraid to make play's (meaning taking those shots instead of making a weak pass just cus your afraid to miss) or driving it in to get anthony open instead and not try to play off of anthony 100% of the time. JR fits that mold but i dont think woodson will ever play him there.
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