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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

8/10. wow, much better than i expected. the script in the first 30 minutes seemed super bland but it got better.i really didn't find it disturbing or anything but definitely mysterious. i can honestly say i didn't see the ending unfolding the way it did. i'm going to type my theory in white so beware:

maggie's a con artist. abigail is her daughter. she was probably a junkie around the time she got pregnant with abigail. she could have nearly drowned in the bathtub and that explains her temporary amnesia. she exaggerates the other details of not knowing ANYTHING of her past. the robbery and arson are probably drug related. we never see a mother figure in abigail's life and we don't even really know if abigail considers or recognizes anyone as her mother. maggie taught abigail the handshake before she had to go in hiding. i'm guessing this was before she was three years old and it somehow stuck. it also explains why she has her illness (maggie doing drugs during pregnancy).

maggie definitely has a screw loose but i think her grand scheme was to somehow reunite with her daughter and take her away. she knew peter was the key to that happening.

the one thing that bugged me was that it seemed like lorna was the one being pulled in more at at the shooting range, it seemed like she couldn't explain her 'natural' accuracy ability. it was almost as if she wanted to believe in this divine power the group had. then she had to pull the whole jealous rage thing and make it seem like peter was the crazy one. idk, just seemed a bit off to me and pretty cliche. character development flaw.

i know that's a pretty straightforward theory so i'd be interested if anybody has others, especially regarding the DOJ agent. is there something more to her?

anyway, if you don't like movies that the director leaves open to interpretation, this film could just frustrate you.

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