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Default Re: Look at my friend almost killing himself. Video #Parkour #MustSee

He can't be your friend, he's swedish and swede's don't hang out with lithuanians, we're afraid of you.

The guy is from a small place called Kungsbacka, they have nothing to do there in that shithole so it's not weird that the fool is jumping from roofs.. They have like 1 store and 1 cinema in that shitty place..

I've been there once when my team ate food there when we were going by bus to another city and I god all depressed just by seeing how much life must suck if I'd live there.

This pictures really showcases how boring Kungsbacka is;

It should also be stated that the persons in the pic above are 23 and 25 years old but due boredom they look older...
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