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Default Re: Week 7 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Except, if you looked at the schedule and the scores of those five games, you would have to surmise that the Browns are no easy out and certainly not "in shambles" as you claim. In fact, despite the record, this is as good as I've felt about the Browns in a long time. This is the youngest team in the league and there is a ton of talent.

I don't think you've watched much of the Browns this year. Shambles? No.

And, the Ravens are a total mess of injuries and aging players. They are about to come crashing down to earth... starting today.

Your whole post is sort of crazy. The Bengals have not looked like the obvious better team in either of the two games.
They're not in shambles but they are a bad team doesn't matter if you lose 3 to 70 a loss is a loss. And you should feel better about the browns they've been rebuilding for a decade.
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