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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

less activity in this thread as of late is saddening. especially because tournaments are starting to really kick it up. dreamhack was pretty good. needs moar terrans. nerchio is the man.

Here's the list of players that will be at dreamhack winter (not including anyone who may drop out, plus the 4 that will qualify thru the live byoc)

eg.thorzain (T)
tsl.polt (T)
mouz.mana (P)
mtw.dimaga (Z)
liquid.taeja (T)
mill.forgg (T)
acer.nerchio (Z)
acer.bly (Z)
eg.stephano (Z)
quantic.sase (P)
liquid.ret (Z)
roxkis.fraer (P)
mf.targa (Z)
quantic.thestc (T)
liquid.hero (P) (Z)
liquid.tlo (Z)
atn.socke (P)
naniwa (P)
ww.starnan (P)
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