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Default Re: Our "one" Panther thread

As disappointed as I am, I can't believe Duke has an obnoxious football fan base. I'm shocked they have a football fan base at all.

That being said: I'm done with Cam Newton. It isn't even his play. Sure he made some mistakes in the game, but his attitude is cancerous. He's the only player who pouts like a child after a loss. He's not team oriented at all. He wants his way. He's fine when HE plays well. He's fine as long as HE'S winning.

He's been babied his entire life and this is the first time he's been legitimately challenged, and he cannot handle it. He's not a good quarterback. If we ran a New England-style offense: short passes, good running game, not these long routes being run by receivers and run plays out of the shotgun, then Cam might have success. But he's a bitch. And the team isn't going anywhere with him.
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