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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
Well obviously I would re-tract both trades I made. I wasn't a fan of either one at the time but the Nicks trade Marlo, RBA, etc. really thought I won. Stevie J has been consistent, durable and good. Amendola if healthy would have given UJF a massive win. Ingram was nothing as most suspected anyway. The other trade I gave up basically Charles + Alfred Morris for Mathews another rape for UJF. I really suck at trading.
Still plenty of season left. I'm still very comfortable that Nicks will end up being the player we all know he is. His one bad trait over the course of his career is injuries, and it is admittedly a very bad trait. But, once he is healthy (and I just read an article indicating that he is almost completely back), he will be a consistent point machine once again. His track record is long enough to show his production will eventually come.

I say that as an owner of Nicks in one my other leagues. I knew when I drafted him that he would probably have a period of games where he was unhealthy or completely out. That just comes with the territory when you take the guy.

If you aren't completely out of the running by the end of that period (which you aren't), then you are probably going to reap tremendous rewards in the end. Watch and see.
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