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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

So, the comically awfulness of the RBA's 2012 ISH Money League season continues to grow...

1. I had virtually all of my best players on byes this week and literally all three of my starting WRs (White, Thomas, Floyd) on bye weeks. Thus, I had to make a decision to put forth a complete starting lineup. Someone had to be dropped. The choice was obvious. Rashad Jennings has done nothing this year and MJD had proven -- once again -- to be the most durable back in the NFL. After six weeks, MJD seemed to only be gaining strength and Jennings wasn't usable in any way, shape or form. I mean, I had held onto this guy for six weeks with no production at all in the seemingly bleak event of MJD going down with injury. It seemed time to move on.

So, the choice was obvious... Pick up a fill-in receiver for the week and drop the useless Jennings.

2. As we all now know, MJD went down on the second offensive play of the game for the Jags. It is starting to look like he will miss an extended period of time and maybe even the season if it is deemed to be a lisfranc, the same injury which ended Santonio Holmes' season. Jennings is now in line to be a feature back for the foreseeable future.

3. As unfortunate as all of this seemed, one of the benefits of having the worst record in the league and resisting waiver moves for the season is having the ability to grab whomever you want off of the wire. So, while it sucks to have to use this great position on a guy whom I had a couple of days ago, it isn't like I completely missed the opportunity to use him, right?

4. Wrong. I just went to grab him off waivers and this is the message I received... "There was a problem. You cannot add a player you dropped until the waiver period ends. (Error #245)"

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