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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Some of you guys really don't get how the NBA works. I have cousins and friends who are struggling to make rosters both here and abroad. It's really disrespectful to them and others to assume that they "aren't NBA material" just because they got cut. The NBA is full of politics and guaranteed contracts. Just because a guy gets cut, doesn't mean he wasn't good enough to make the team. It doesn't mean he was outplayed by his competition either. Take Scott Machado for instance. The 2 preaseason games he actually got burn, he played well. Other than that, he's only seen like 5 minutes per game.

Now if he outplays Lin, Douglas and Livingston...does that mean he makes the team? No. Why? Because Lin is the cash cow. They invested tons of money into him. Douglas has a guaranteed contract and Livingston has 7 years of NBA experience. Regardless of the production, Machado has the odds stacked against him. I would take Jonny Flynn and T Will over 90% of our bench RIGHT NOW. Say what you will, Jonny Flynn avg almost 15 ppg just 2 years ago. I find it hard to believe he all of a sudden forgot how to play. That said, we don't need Flynn at this point. We do need a guy like T Will, especially if we're talking about playing Melo at the 4.
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