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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Those guys are getting cut from everywhere they play.

And quite frankly, I think we all could use a refresher on the NBA.

They do have some of the most talented players in the world, not to say there isn't people outside that have the talent to make it.

Flynn is getting cut because he has turned into garbage, but i'm sure teams will still give him a look for another year or two because he is still young, but right now he is terrible, and i don't want him nowhere near this team.

I do consider the Knicks a playoff team, and if i'm in the playoff i want some experience, not a guy who can't show he can even transform his game to acceptable.

T-Will on the other hand, does play well wherever he goes, but his head isn't screwed on quite right.

Would i take him, yes, if we needed a player in his position, but we don't.

To be honest, those guys got cut because because they were only training camp filler, and i was only making humor.

The Pistons pretty much have a fully roster of guaranteed contracts, and those two had no shot anyway.

You don't cut guranteed to make room for one that isn't.
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