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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

i have/had family/friends in the NBA. Fortunately they are prominent players so only 1 has struggled the last couple of years and he was a Knick at one point.

That said Franchize/Knickcity both made valid points about how the NBA works. The politics behind the scences is utterly ridiculous sometimes and it makes it difficult to get IN and/or stay IN. With that said guaranteed contracts supercedes talent the Ol' Boy network supercedes talent to the point Owners/GMs/Presidents/Coaches/Scouting departments will collude to keep players out if they are rubbed the wrong way.

I dont think highly of Flynn and when he was drafted I would have liked him to be on the Knicks because the Knicks had no one else so desperate times calls for desperate measures. Do I think he has some skills I guess but I am not a fan of his game.

TWill is fine just no room for him at this point.
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