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Default Re: #73 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by haji_d_robertas
Tony Parker-Having rings should be a serious consideration at this point in the list. Lots of players can put up stats and win awards, but doing this and winning championships is the equation we should be looking for at this point.

True but what about guys like Bob Dandridge, Jamaal Wilkes, Jim Pollard, Jo Jo White, Cliff Hagan, Tom Heinsohn, Maurice Lucas or Slater Martin (others too I'm sure) who have accomplished as much and won as much as Parker. Along with Gasol, I feel all these players have very similar careeer resumes.

Also guys like Ben Wallace, Mel Daniels, Joe Fulks and Bob Davies have more impressive resumes and won titles as their teams bets player, something Parker has never done. They all should be above Parker IMO.

Any thoughts?
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