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Default Re: Singling Yourself Out???

There is a couple ways to do this.. The selfish douch way that is far to common in bball atm,
And the respected hard work style.

First way: hog the ball and always go one on one. Try be fancy, iso style. Crossovers, shooting with a man in your face, and making any passes you do harder then required.

But the best way to stand out:

Play hard, hustle hard. Always run back on D, and in the event that you do get the ball stolen off you, get back. Put most of your effort on D, and move with out the ball on Offense, set screens and look for that extra pass. Of course take the open shots too.
Basically never give up, give it your all and leave the court knowing you left everything out there. Trust me, people recognize when you make that effort to get back on defense.
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