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Default Re: What do you think of JJ Hickson's game?

Mayers Leonard looks like a player with a bright future, athletically gifted, decent basketball iq and seems good passer. But foul trouble and a limited offensive game perhaps will prevent him compete to be a starter since day one.

Freeland also is a good center, decent rebounder with good post moves and a good mid range shooter, but health problems have made him lose a lot of athleticism but I do not discount that can become the team's starter at some point.

But definitely Hickson is more talented despite being shorter. I always liked his game and seems motivated in Portland. In my opinion Aldridge as Center and Hickson as PF are the players that will play in the last quarters. Probably Hickson may end up having a role similar to Odom on the Lakers, coming off the bench and playing significant minutes.
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