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Default Re: The NFC North is the best division in football.

Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
Pretenders? Blow dick?

You can't honestly argue that they are untalented. The problem with this Detroit Lions team stems overall from a complete lack of leadership and discipline. Personal fouls are still happening way too often, stupid offsides, drops, redzone fumbles, abhorrent special teams play...But even with all of that, they still played the Chicago Bears very close and stayed within reach the entire game.

Are they a legitimate playoff threat this year? No, they aren't. Are they under performing? Yes, they certainly are. Are they a bad team? No. They are currently playing bad, but that will change once they figure out the issues I listed above (which are correctable issues).

It baffles me that people like you just go by the box score and say "The Lions are so bad! Stafford can't do anything! Calvin obviously fooled everyone last year (yes I've actually heard that argument). It seems like you don't watch them play at all, or if you do, are blinded by your love of the Vikings.

You probably won't respond because you won't be able to negate my arguments here, but I'd like to see what you have to say to this.

I've seen enough Lions this year to know that your special teams is the worst in the league, which alone has lost you guys 2 games. Remember the Vikes didn't even need to score an offensive touchdown on yall.

Calvin is still the real deal, my criticism isn't directed at your offense (despite Stafford throwing 3 picks in the redzone on Monday). I don't understand why Stafford is throwing as much as he is (44 passes a game) given that Detroit's running game isn't THAT bad. Your coordinators aren't playing to any new strengths, the tape on the Lions is out from last year and people aren't allowing the Stafford-Megatron show to happen anymore, which BARELY got Detroit into the playoffs that season.
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