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Default Re: The NFC North is the best division in football.

Originally Posted by stallionaire
I've seen enough Lions this year to know that your special teams is the worst in the league, which alone has lost you guys 2 games. Remember the Vikes didn't even need to score an offensive touchdown on yall.

Calvin is still the real deal, my criticism isn't directed at your offense (despite Stafford throwing 3 picks in the redzone on Monday). I don't understand why Stafford is throwing as much as he is (44 passes a game) given that Detroit's running game isn't THAT bad. Your coordinators aren't playing to any new strengths, the tape on the Lions is out from last year and people aren't allowing the Stafford-Megatron show to happen anymore, which BARELY got Detroit into the playoffs that season.
You are extremely uniformed. Stafford's one interception came on a 4th down when he was essentially throwing it away. Mikel Leshoure, part of the Lions so called "not so bad" running game and Joique Bell both fumbled in the redzone and Alphonso Smith muffed a return and let the Bears have it deep in Lions territory. Until the running game can resemble something useful, Stafford will continue to throw the ball 40-50 times a game. He did that last year, and he will keep doing it this year. Stafford has been inconsistent, yes, but the receivers have made countless drops and several boneheaded plays (Pettigrew fumbling twice in the span of three plays against the Bears).

Special teams is absolutely dismal. From missing tackles to lackluster blocking and poor punting, they are getting trashed. But to call the Lions pretenders is a joke. They are still an effective team, they just haven't showed it this year.
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