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Default Re: NBA All-Star balloting changes: Now two player categories, guards and frontcourt

Originally Posted by SCdac
Which Duncan were you watching? He played PF for most of his career, yet is a natural center? That's clueless man. Why would a team play him out of place for so long? The bottom line is, they weren't. In his prime he was agile, spry, had a great jump shot, and absolutely played PF next to guys like Rasho, Nazr, Robinson, and Oberto who were limited offensively and guarded the opponents center. Occasionally Duncan played C next to Malik Rose and Robert Horry, but his move to playing mostly center was facilitated by age, wearing knees, and loss of athleticism, much later in his career.

Eh, agree to disagree. The quality of center nowadays, on average, is crappy. Freaking 13 ppg Roy Hibbert made the AS game. Deandre Jordan got 4-years $43 million!haha We're talking about a dude who averaged 7.4 ppg last season. Are you seriously mention Spencer Hawes and Nikola Pekovic in the same paragraph as Ewing and Robinson? Pull your head out of your ass homie. The center position isn't dead, but it's the quality is dying. DeMarcus Cousins has talent, but he's a headcase. Prime Kevin Willis would be arguably the 3rd best center in today's game, and he was a 1-time All Star.

Apparently not........

See, this entire response is insulting and you're a dumbass for it.

When did I compare Patrick Ewing and David Robinson to any of those guys? I gave you a list of guys who aren't even top 5 and mentioned Luc Longley. That statement was directly preceded by me saying there isn't a David Robinson or Patrick Ewing in the league. So pull your head out of your ass, so that maybe you can pay attention to what someone else says, instead of condescending down to the very opposite.

This is exactly why conversation can be so annoying. It boggles the mind that you respond to exactly the opposite of what I'm saying, when I said what I said very clearly. Go back and read and then pull back a minute. If you wanna stick to your lazy opinion, then stick to it, but I said there is no Ewing or Robinson, but there is a lot of depth. I talked about Luc Longley and the criticisms of his game and compared him to 7 guys who aren't even top 5 and all better than he was. I didn't even get to Hibbert or Varejao or Camby. I didn't even consider Monroe as he's a PF who just happened to play C last year. I didn't even mention Duncan.

And then I mentioned 8 other centers, while talking up depth.

The joke on Duncan is a good joke because it's funny. It's funny because it's true. David Robinson was far more agile and spry and had a jumpshot himself. Patrick Ewing clearly has a better jumpshot than Duncan. They're both centers, even with Robinson not being a back-to-the-basket kind of guy (hear that Shaq?).

Nothing clueless. Duncan got used to playing PF and didn't want to move over to C. That's exactly what happened. I know exactly who he played PF next to. Freakin Rasho Nesterovic (just as important as signing Jason Kidd, they said lol) and Oberto. That's the point. Duncan has pretty much been the center since the middle of the 07/08 season and has been out-and-out the center since 2008/09. Yet, he still makes every all-star ballot as a PF. That's why it's the Duncan dilemna, even if that bit is exaggerated.

Kevin Willis was a PF, his entire career. He was an All-Star and made the All-NBA Team as a PF. He was maybe a starting center for one season in Toronto. He was never a center at any point in his career.

Hibbert has managed minutes and is coming along. And Cousins is a headcase. But he was great last year. Since we're speaking of Willis, his Atlanta team didn't make the playoffs in his standout season.
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