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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by code green
I've got Shady too, and I haven't gotten the right offer, nor have I been actively shopping him. Philly really needs to diversify their offense, they're looking totally stale right now. I'm waiting for the inevitable injury or benching that's coming as far as Vick goes, because things can't continue the way they have been. What game was it that Vick had all those fumbles? That one at the goal line in particular. I was screaming at the TV, and not just because Shady's on my fantasy team. You have one of the best backs in football, use him!

Anyway, for some advice. My two quarterbacks are Roethlisberger and RG3, who are facing each other this week. Any recommendations on who to play? I've got Pitt's D, and I can say firsthand that they're way too decimated with injuries to really put up a huge front, so I'm leaning on RG3. But I've also seen the Redskins' secondary too...looking pretty awful themselves. My two Defenses are Pitt and StL, and with St. Louis playing my Patriots this week, no way they're getting the nod. And I'm not about to play RG3 and Pitt's D together, so I'm thinking of picking up Detroit's (FA wire is slim ) D to play against Seattle. Sound like decent ideas?
I'd give the slight nod to RG3. His ceiling is way higher than Big Ben and even if he has an 'off' game, he could put up similar numbers to Ben. Lions D aren't a bad play this week, they held Chicago to 13 points last week and have been looking better in the secondary the last two weeks.
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