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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Originally Posted by GOBB
Browns would've looked smarter drafting RGIII via trade up. But I wont go there.

Anyway he has been a nice surprise. Blaine Gabbert is bad. I trashed Weeden mostly because of his age but he has been solid for the most part. I believe if situations were reversed Blackmon would look much better. That said the dude is a big play threat. Nice talent pickup by Browns. Add more weapons on offense and you got something.
Yeah I agree I'm not writing down Gordon is better than Blackmon because of both of their situations but I still don't think drafting A RB that early was a smart move for the browns and I heard he got benched last game for playing like shit. He also said his injury is more serious than people think which is another reason why I don't draft RBs that early because of their short career tendency but this is still very early for an injury bringing down his performance that much.
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