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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by maybeshewill13
LOL the only reason he's popular is because he's asian.. he's not exciting in the slightest and is leagues behind pretty much every point guard in the west. Why would anyone want to see him in the all star game? Because he's asian?
Lol did you miss out on the story or something? Sure being Asian is one of the factors, but how about being undrafted, overlooked as a scrub and coming out of frigging Harvard blah blah blah? The whole success story is reason enough to be popular, even if he's no chris paul. And as much as it might sound like a cop out, everyone's definition of exciting is different. Anyways, there's plenty of good pgs in the west, true, but that also means popularity will be pretty divided unless there's some other compelling factor, which Lin has.
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