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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by millwad
I'm so butthurt over the fact that the Rockets said bye bye to two great pointguards like Lowry and Dragic. Lowry has had a good preseason this far while averaging 15 points, 4 rebounds and almost 6 assists and this is Lowry coming back from a long time of not playing games due him getting sick last season.

Dragic has still not got that much playing time but I guess it will come but he had a good pre-season as well, 8.5 points per game on 51% shooting while dishing out 5 assists.

Jeremy Lin had a terrible pre-season, 5 points per game on 22% shooting. Sure, his assists looks good and so does his steals but again the turnovers..

This shit just doesn't make any sense..

+ Amnesty your most steady, useful and decent player in Scola.
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