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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by millwad
I may be wrong and please correct me if I am but as far as I know the stuff about him wanting to get out was more rumours and the actual problem was the fact he was that he found the 2 great point guard situation problematic.

And regarding Goran, I couldn't care less about the player option, any sane person would choose Goran Dragic for 4 years with a players option and for 34 million dollars than Jeremy Lin to a 3 year a la 25 million dollar deal.

And my beef is not really Goran, Lowry had the cheapest contract in the NBA compared to what he actually did on court. How hard was it to please the guy, seriously. And trading away a really good player with an extremely good contract should result more than a first round pick..

Gotta say, this was easier than expected. First result on Google

"“I don’t think so,” Lowry, 26, said. “I honestly think it would be tough. Things have to be addressed. The situation would have to be addressed.

“If things aren’t addressed coaching-wise, I guess I have to be moved.”"

I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I believe I read somewhere that we sent Goran to Phoenix as a slight favor to him. We blew up the roster; we'd be wasting his best years. Likewise with Lowry.

But regarding Dragic's player option - Morey said that with a player option, the chances of ending up with essentially a free agent (not desirable to other teams) or a player that few teams want is much higher. I know it's coming from the man himself, but still.

Tbh, I'm just glad we're not stuck in mediocre-land with players that have already plateaued or were on the decline.
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