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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by LeFraud James
You're definitely starting McGahee. The other player you start depends on who you are playing against in your league.

If the guy is one of the better teams in the league, continually putting up a good amount of points, or if his players have easy matchups, then I would suggest starting Ridley for upside.

If the guy you're going up against has byes this week, has players injured, or simply just doesn't have any good matchups this week, then I would start Bowe and be grateful if he got me 7-10 fantasy points.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. What about the QBs? I already have Alex Smith on my team, but I don't feel comfortable starting him against the Cardinals. Hasselbeck has the Colts and Weeden has been pretty good the last couple of weeks and he's playing the Chargers.

I'm probably leaning towards Weeden.
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