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Default Re: Is Lakers depth a problem?

Originally Posted by dd24
Boston managed to gel at the right time. I think veterans have a way of figuring things out. Plus this team seems to have pieces that fit together well, whereas a team like Miami had great players that weren't a great fit so they needed a little more time to figure things out.

Your points are correct, however, one thing that is very underrated (and also overrated if you see the glass as half full) is having homecourt advantage in the playoffs. How long will it take for them to gel? How long will it take before they begin to win consistently? Will the injuries that are current limit some of these players' abilities throughout the season/whatever is left of their careers?

This season literally would have to consist of perfection if we want the title. There can't be any injuries, or distractions, or any signs of age if they want to go forward. The word is that Kobe's foot is actually pretty serious. "Limping" is the word used to describe him. Do you see why these can be potential problems as the season progresses?
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