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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by KG215
Thanks. What about the QBs? I already have Alex Smith on my team, but I don't feel comfortable starting him against the Cardinals. Hasselbeck has the Colts and Weeden has been pretty good the last couple of weeks and he's playing the Chargers.

I'm probably leaning towards Weeden.

Weeden no doubt. Fuck Alex Smith.

Had to get rid of Vernon because I couldn't have Smith's incompetence weighing me down at the TE position.

I didn't like the deal at first, but it's growing on me.

Vernon/Alfy for Tony G/Leshoure.

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Y'all think Greg the Leg or Rob Bironas or Garrett Hartley should b my kicker?

I would usually never advise for someone to sit Legatron, but Garrett Hartley and the Saints have an intriguing matchup with the Broncos this week.

Something's gotta give with the NO offense, and I say this being a Brees/Colston owner in one of my biggest money leagues. It seems like every time they get in the RZ they are coming out with 7 points.

That's a trend I don't see continuing this week against Denver, which means Hartley will have a crack at some FGs.

I would personally never sit Young GZ though. Hell, I might even hold onto him during his bye week, roster space permitted of course.
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