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Default Re: Article: Coach Brown's offensive philosophy

Originally Posted by lakerfreak

A little gift for DKlaker and other specifics freaks like me to kinda see what Brown is thinking here. Just to get an idea of what to expect.

Oh my god!!!! When I saw Brown was actually trying to mix his idiotic offense from last year with the Princeton hybrid offense my heart almost stopped and my mouth dropped I'm just furious. The idiot coach knows nothing about running or creating an offense, he has always been a complete failure at it, all he is capable of is Isolation plays. This is horribly bad news.
I had hoped/prayed that he would completely leave the offense to Eddie Jordan, Nash and Kobe to create/design......but Brown is determined to get some credit even if he knows he's not capable. This is NOT going to work!!!!
Hopefully we fire him by the midway point if not before!!!!
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